Enhancing production efficiency and safety through machine learning

SSAB optimizes transnational data flow between its facilities in Finland and Sweden using digital applications from SMS

  •  “digital readiness” as a precondition to optimize production processes
    • cloud-based SMS DataFactory to interlink four production sites for maximum data transparency and data-driven decision-making

    Swedish steel producer SSAB Europe has placed an order with SMS digital covering the transnational networking of digital solutions for a stronger exchange between its four production sites in Finland and Sweden. Using the cloud-based SMS DataFactory, the steel producer will benefit from an improved, holistic flow of information of all plant data across the four locations Luleå and Borlänge in Sweden as well as Raahe and Hämeenlinna in Finland. The contract thus marks an important milestone for SSAB in the digitalization of its production processes on the way to the Learning Steelworks.

    SMS DataFactory can be used as a data hub for seamless access to systems such as predictive plant monitoring, production planning as well as for quality and energy management. In particular, this allows to improve output and expand the product portfolio. 

    By means of cloud technology, SMS will make available to SSAB the uniform, cross-plant data management system within the next two years. The heart of the solution is the SMS DataFactory which has been in use by several leading steel producers under the name SMS QuinLogic PDW. It will provide SSAB a holistic view of the production locations, combined with an intelligent exchange of multi-site findings, and thus make the locations “digital ready”. 

    “To make our complex production lines “digital ready”, we need a deep understanding of all plants and processes in addition to comprehensive IT know-how. With SMS we selected a strong partner who has a deep understanding of both sides,” says Sakari Pahkala, Head of Strategic Automation and Digitalization Development at SSAB Europe.

    Activities will start at the Hämeenlinna site in Finland, followed by Borlänge, Raahe and finally Luleå. For linking the locations with each other, the next step will be to set up the IT and cloud infrastructures.

    “This project again underlines the significance of digital applications. Installing the digital package will offer SSAB the opportunity to benefit from substantial savings in valuable resources and thus ensure competitive advantages. This is achieved by converting multi-dimensional data into information and information by interpreting into options for increasing plant performance,” says Prof. Dr. Katja Windt, Member of the Managing Board and Chief Digital Officer of SMS group GmbH.