Industry and Associations stand by Trade Fair Dates: wire and Tube will be held from 7 to 11 December 2020

Messe Düsseldorf creates all the requirements for holding successful and hygiene-conforming trade fairs in COVID-19 times – enjoying strong support from the industries and their professional associations.

The European umbrella organisations as well as major companies of the leading international trade fairs wire and Tube clearly speak out in favour of the trade fair dates from 7 to 11 December 2020 at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.

In a meeting of the European associations acting as conceptual sponsors of the events in Düsseldorf the decision has now been taken that a commitment to the leading trade fairs from their respective sectors of industry is indispensable despite these challenging times. Personal encounters, one-on-one conversations and the expert exchange at the trade fair stand have never been more important than in the current situation.

“All parties are making an effort to return to a normal course of affairs in spite of the existing COVID-19 measures and risks,” says Dr. Uwe-Peter Weigmann, CEO of WAFIOS AG and President of VDKM.

Weigmann adds: “We are confident that personal conversations and live demonstrations of machinery offered by a trade fair cannot be replaced by video conferences. This is why WAFIOS will exhibit its latest innovations at the trade fair – albeit on a smaller scale than usual. We are aware that the trade fairs in December will not be comparable to a “normal” wire & Tube. But we expect customers to come and want to be at their service. Since Messe Düsseldorf has shown at the CARAVAN SALON that it can and does implement the necessary hygiene measures to keep risks to a minimum for both exhibitors and visitors, WAFIOS also wants to send a signal with its participation: business must carry on and even in COVID-19 times personal conversations can be had to a limited extent and in a protected setting complying with hygiene rules.”

”Against the backdrop of industries ramping up again we – like many other companies from the sector – continue focusing on sustainable partnerships with our customers,” says Ralf Kappertz, CEO of Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GMBH & Co KG and President of IWCEA.

Kappertz emphasises: “Therefore, we want to prove this partnership also in difficult times like these and will walk our talk by making a convincing appearance at the trade fair in Düsseldorf in December – even if different from previous trade fair years.”

“Our industry is synonymous with innovation, sustainability and a long-term orientation. Even though many companies find it difficult to organise and execute a trade fair participation these days, there are still numerous enterprises that speak out in favour of the trade fair dates in December. We will now be doing our utmost to also make this wire and Tube - despite being held under special circumstances - what they have always been: the communication and business platforms of the wire, cable and tube industries,” adds Kappertz.

“The industries need their most relevant sectoral platforms in order to present innovations and meet their business partners again,” confirms Ferruccio Bellina, CEO of TKT Group Spa and President of the Italian industry association ACIMAF with conviction and goes on to say: “A major share of the EU COVID-19 recovery funds adopted will be invested in the extension and renovation of infrastructure and therefore also flow directly into our industries.”

Nevertheless, the international situation has to be re-assessed anew every day. “We are aware that in the current situation most visitors will come from Europe to see us and wire and Tube will have a primarily European character in 2020,” says Daniel Ryfisch, Project Director wire, Tube & Flow Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf.

“We are all the more delighted to send a positive signal to the industries by holding the two events,” adds Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, Global Portfolio Director wire, Tube & Flow Technologies.


Good news for international trade fair participants: All exhibitors and visitors can generally enter Germany - even if they come from a country that does not belong to the EU/Schengen area or the group of countries on the German positive list. This has been decided by the German government.

You can find out exactly which entry regulations must be observed at


As a result of the current COVID-19 situation, Messe Düsseldorf decided to change the normal conditions for reducing and cancellation of space as follows:

Each exhibitor can reduce the space free of charge up to 40 % of its original booth size (meaning 60 % of the space remains). Should the exhibitor reduce it further it has to pay a fee of:

25 % of the space charges of the additional sqm above 40 % by October 1st, 2020
50 % of the space charges of the additional sqm above 40 % till November 9th, 2020
100 % of the space charges of the additional sqm above 40 % from November 10th, 2020 onwards

The exhibitors can, however, use the full stand size (original layout according to the official admission of space). The space that is officially given back to Messe Düsseldorf can be used as “communication and match making space”. No machines and other exhibits can be displayed. This enables the exhibitors to welcome more visitors on their booth under the given rules and regulations.

This offer is only valid for exhibitors having more than 34 sqm as otherwise the minimum stand size of 20 sqm cannot be reached. Furthermore, Messe Düsseldorf will offer special rebooking conditions for wire 2022 and Tube 2022 for those who remain as exhibitors at the 2020 fairs as follows:

Rebooking can only be done physically on site for exhibitors taking part at wire 2020 and Tube 2020. The rebooking price is the price of wire 2020 and Tube 2020 plus half of the regular price increase rate for space charges / sqm. The rebooking applies only if the exhibitor takes the space size that was originally planned for 2020, or more.

Cancellation of participation

For the cancellation of the participation the following time table has been agreed:

20 % payment of space charges if an exhibitor cancels until October 1st, 2020
35 % payment of space charges if an exhibitor cancels until October 20th, 2020
50 % payment of space charges if an exhibitor cancels until November 9th, 2020
100 % payment of space charges if an exhibitor cancels from November 10th, 2020 onwards

Regardless of their decision for wire and Tube 2020, exhibitors who re-register for wire and Tube in 2022 can assume that they will be reassigned their initial space planned for March 2020, provided that the size of the booth will not decrease and that Messe Düsseldorf will retain the hall constellation for this event.

For current information also on the hygiene concept visit our Internet portals at: und

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