Düsseldorf: Messe Düsseldorf Introduces a single Umbrella Brand for its Portfolio of International Wire, Cable and Tube Trade Fairs

‘Join the best – worldwide’ with the wire and Tube flagship trade fairs in Düsseldorf

Trade fairs for metal production, processing and finishing, for wires, cables and tubes, iron and steel have a long tradition in Düsseldorf. ‘Join the best – worldwide’ – this is the slogan summing up the international portfolio of wire, cable and tube trade fairs.

For more than 30 years, the wire und Tube trade fairs have taken place jointly in Düsseldorf. As the no. 1 trade fairs for their industries, they have gained a reputation as international top players in their industries and have significance far beyond the state capital city of Düsseldorf. They have contributed to Düsseldorf, the business hub of North Rhine-Westphalia, acquiring an excellent reputation around the globe as a platform for industrial innovation.

The umbrella brand marks the visual union of international wire, cable and tube trade fairs

Meanwhile, there are 10 international satellite trade fairs for the wire and tube industries. As of now, they will present themselves with a unified logo to show that they belong to a single umbrella brand. A single corporate design ensures the uniform appearance of the individual trade fairs while simultaneously demonstrating that they are members of a single product family.

The appearance of each fair has been designed so that their logos have a uniform appearance in terms of form, colour and lettering. “In terms of content and visual appearance, the ‘Join the best – worldwide’ portfolio with its lead wire and Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf and its 10 international satellites will present themselves as coming from a single home”, says Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, Global Portfolio Director Metals and Flow Technologies of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. 

In addition to the wire und Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf, the international portfolio of metal trade fairs, which united under the ‘Join the best – worldwide’ slogan, includes satellite trade fairs such as wire China und Tube China in Shanghai, wire und Tube India in Mumbai, wire und Tube Russia in Moscow, Russia, wire und Tube Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, and the wire South America and TUBOTECH trade fair in in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A portfolio spanning the globe and offering further potential for growth …

Be it in Germany, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Thailand or the US - together with its foreign subsidiaries and in cooperation with international industry and business associations as well as local organizers, Messe Düsseldorf is the host of outstanding regional satellite events. They have gained a reputation as information and ordering platforms for their respective catchment areas.

Information on the trade fairs and their worldwide satellites are available on our web portal at www.wire.de and www.tube.de.