FA 08 There's a lot in the pipeline

Pipe manufacturers and suppliers might be facing a real boom in the next few years. Apparently plans are in place to create about 20 million kilometres of pipelines, a development that is largely fuelled by a hunger for energy. The potential is therefore enormous. Yet a number of large-scale projects still have huge question marks hanging over them, and there is major competition on the market. Nevertheless, there’s a lot in the pipeline in this industry.
Europe plays an important role in the planning of pipelines. Its industrial countries are thirsting for gas, so that they can secure the energy supply of businesses and households. One megaproject, North Stream, has already been completed. The second and last strand of pipelines through the Baltic Sea, from Russia to Germany, was commissioned in 2012. The two strands, totalling over 1,124 km, have a joint capacity of around 55 billion cubic metres of gas per year. Each of them is composed of about 100,000 pipes.

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