wire 2018 and Tube 2018 – bigger than ever!

Record results for the two famous metal trade fairs in Düsseldorf

January 2018:
Nearly four months before the start of the metal trade fair summit in Düsseldorf the exhibition centre has received better bookings than ever before in the successful history of wire and Tube Düsseldorf, a history of over 30 years.

Never before have so many square metres been reserved by exhibitors. Taken together, wire and Tube already have a net floor space occupancy of 120,000 sqm, which is about 10,000 sqm more than the final figure for the two trade fairs in 2016 – a result that was already outstanding.

The number of exhibitors who have so far registered for wire 2018 is currently 1,180, representing 50 countries. Over 65,000 sqm are occupied in Halls 9 to 18. The occupancy level for Tube in Halls 3 to 7.0, 7a and 16 to 18 is over 52,000 sqm, with 965 exhibitors from 53 countries.

As before, the two Düsseldorf events have impressively demonstrated their number one positions as the world’s leading trade fairs in their industries. Innovative technologies, new machinery and equipment as well as products and services from the wire, cable and tube industries will be presented on five days.

wire 2018 will be held in Halls 9 to 16 and partly also in the temporary Hall 18. It will feature machines for the manufacturing and finishing of wire, tools and auxiliary materials for process engineering as well as materials, special wires and cables. The trade fair will also cover innovations in measurement and control engineering, test engineering and a range of specialist areas.

2018 will have an even greater focus than previously on the potential of glass fibre technology. Glass fibre is more efficient, faster and often more reliable than conventional materials. In this way Messe Düsseldorf is responding to the increasing use of glass fibre technologies in the energy sector as well in the construction and communication industries.

The segments of wire and cable machines, wire and cable production, the retail trade and glass fibre technologies will be presented in Halls 9 to 14 and 16, while connection and fastener technologies can be viewed in Hall 15. Mash welding machines and spring making can be found in Hall 13.

Tube 2018 will present itself in Halls 3 to 7.0, 7a, 16 and 17 and also partly in the temporary Hall 18. The range of showcased products will cover machinery and equipment for tube production, treatment and processing as well as raw materials, tubes and accessories, pre-owned machinery, process technology tools, auxiliary resources and measuring, control and test equipment.

Furthermore, the line-up will include pipelines, OCTG technology, profiles and plastic tubes.

Halls 16 and 17 will feature tube accessories, while the tube trade and tube manufacturing can be found in Halls 3, 4, 7 and 16, and tube forming technology in Hall 5. Machinery and equipment as well as tube processing machines will be presented in Halls 6 and 7a. Profiles and plastic tubes will be shown in Halls 3 to 7.0, 7a, 16 and 17.

Ongoing demand from China has made it possible to set up a Chinese Pavilion again. Chinese companies from the wire, cable and tube industries will be jointly represented in Hall 16 under the slogan “Meet China’s Expertise”.

Up-to-date details of the two trade fairs can be found on their respective websites: www.wire.de and www.Tube.de