The lightweight 13 kg wire feeder can be customised as required – including optional wire spool heating and wire reserve sensor.
The lightweight 13 kg wire feeder can be customised as required – including optional wire spool heating and wire reserve sensor.


Titan XQ puls increases efficiency and saves money

MIG/MAG welding machine from EWM makes welding Industry 4.0 capable

In keeping with the “Welding 4.0” slogan, EWM will introduce its conclusive answer to the urgent challenge of “Industry 4.0” for the welding industry – the new multiprocess MIG/MAG pulse welding machine series Titan XQ puls. Its key innovation: it has comprehensive digital network capabilities and can therefore unlock significant untapped potential for savings throughout the entire process chain. In addition, it also includes all the efficiency-enhancing, innovative welding processes from EWM as standard in the machines at no extra charge. At the same time, the Titan XQ puls offers the characteristics typical of EWM – durability, robust design and high power reserves.

Digital networking under the Industry 4.0 buzzword will soon be a must for any manufacturing company. EWM makes its customers future-proof with the Titan XQ puls. In addition to many other digital functions, the machines are network-compatible via the Welding 4.0 welding management system ewm Xnet. Welding procedure specifications can be transmitted directly from the planning office to the Titan XQ puls – paperless and including all parameters. At the same time, the ewm Xnet software also takes over the often obligatory bureaucracy – Titan XQ puls is able to deal with a large part of the previously time-consuming welding documentation automatically with ewm Xnet, traceable down to the last detail for each individual run. Thanks to Titan XQ puls, considerable increases in efficiency and quality can be achieved with EWM Xnet throughout the entire added-value process of a welding company.

Robust for tough applications

EWM has designed its new Titan XQ puls welding machine for tough applications, especially in steel, shipbuilding and vehicle construction. It is splash-proof (IP23) even under extreme conditions in rain, frost and snow in the temperature range from –25 °C to +40 °C. The 350 A, 400 A, 500 A and 600 A power variants are initially offered as decompact versions with the separate lightweight 13 kg wire feeder, which has also been newly developed.

The inner values of the welding machine additionally attest to the EWM quality at its latest stage of development: the Titan XQ puls inverters are designed for hard continuous operation in 3-shift operation. They guarantee a duty cycle of 80% (Titan XQ puls 350,400 and 500). The generous dimensioning of power semiconductors and cooling, in particular, promises a long service life and no trouble with the heart of the welding machines.

New welding torches and controls

The user can look forward to innovations in everyday operation. This includes four versions of the brand new PM welding torch to choose from. Control buttons, graphic display and LED illumination of the working area as well as the new, ergonomically shaped grip with rubber insert promise comfortable, fatigue-free welding even in positional welding.

Other innovations come in the form of three controllers to choose from, which EWM is presenting with Titan XQ puls. The premium model is called Expert XQ 2.0. Only welding procedures, material, gas and wire diameter need to be selected via click-wheel operation in the plain text display – the characteristic that exactly matches the welding task automatically follows.

All welding procedures as standard

All innovative welding procedures from EWM are included in the purchase price of the Titan XQ puls as standard and can be selected via any of the offered controls. Regardless of whether for thin or thick sheet applications, filler, final or root passes, or in positional welding – the Titan XQ puls perfectly fulfils any welding task on low to high-alloy steel and aluminium.

Available as standard are forceArc, forceArc puls, wiredArc, wiredArc puls, coldArc, coldArc puls, rootArc, rootArc puls, positional welding as well as MIG/MAG pulse and standard arc. Not only do they make it easier to produce welding seams of a consistently high quality, they can also save a considerable amount of time and material.

Individually practice-oriented

The Mündersbach-based premium manufacturer offers a wide range of specifications for every requirement with the Titan XQ puls. So, the customer does not have to make any compromises but buys exactly what he really needs. The following options are available: one or two wire feeders, mobile or stationary version with feet, none, one or two gas cylinder holders, gas or water cooled as well as heavy-duty pump. Titan XQ puls is liftable by crane as standard. The wire feeder can also be individually configured: electronic gas flow control, wire spool heating and wire reserve display are available as options.

Good design for best performance
The completely redesigned housing of the Titan XQ puls features the new ergonomic handles for comfortable operation and for suspending the hose package. The connection panel is tilted downwards to prevent kinking of the cables and the many individual mounting and storage options underline the sophisticated design. The large wheels with locking mechanism ensure that obstacles, such as cables or hoses lying on the ground, can be easily overcome. The inner workings are also impressive. Optimised air ducts ensure less contamination, even when used in a dusty environment. In addition, the modular design considerably reduces maintenance and repair times – so that the Titan XQ can be used for exactly what it is built for. Welding in continuous use.