Welding demos after the talks
Welding demos after the talks


Full house at EWM's Innovation Day

Around 100 visitors found out all about the new, economical “forceArc puls” welding process and other innovations.

Mündersbach, 29th April 2016 – EWM's first “Innovation Day” was a huge success for Germany's largest arc welding technology manufacturer. On 12th April, some 100 delegates visited the Handwerkskammer Koblenz to find out about the potentially large savings to be had from the new “forceArc puls” welding process, in particular, and from other EWM offerings. They were given five talks, plus the opportunity to get a better idea from the welding demonstrations that followed. “The Innovation Days are a platform we are using to present our successful ideas, introduce our guests to new technologies and inspire them to share their own experiences with each other,” explains Susanne Szczesny-Oßing, President of EWM AG's Supervisory Board. It was she who opened this initial event, which was packed to the rafters.

Under the spotlight was the new “forceArc puls” welding process, which combines the strengths of the tried and trusted “forceArc” process with the benefits of pulsed arc. This EWM innovation enables wide applicability, a low heat input and higher welding speeds. “There are substantial benefits for customers,” states Szczesny-Oßing, “because ‘forceArc puls’ both protects resources and generates significant cost savings.”

Production time cut by 57 percent
Pierre Mack, Director of EWM customer Mesa Metall-Stahlbau in Carlow, made an impressive presentation of how savings can be achieved. Thanks to EWM and the deployment of “forceArc puls” when welding water tanks for fire and rescue vehicles for Deutsche Bahn, his company reduced working time by 57 percent compared with the conventional technique used previously. That had made them far more competitive. "We would miss out on a lot of contracts if we weren’t able to weld like this," pointed out Mack.

Opportunities to reduce costs were also the main focus of the other Innovation Day talks. Boyan Ivanov, Head of Process Engineering at EWM, reported on the commercial benefits of the new welding process and the potential savings from fillet welding with deep penetration under DIN EN 1090. His colleague Hassan Lakhnati, Director of the Technology and Mechanisation Centre in Weinheim, talked about the efficiency benefits of EWM's technology when applied in mechanised welding in equipment and pipe construction. And Benedict Menningen, responsible for EWM’s software service, showed how modern software can be used to implement continuous quality assurance during welding.

Supervisory Board President Szczesny-Oßing was clearly pleased, “The initial feedback from our guests, when we met up at EWM's Coblenz offices, showed that we had covered the right subjects. If we managed to show the customers how they can save money and improve their market position, we achieved our objective with this first Innovation Day.”