Excellent penetration characteristics of the EWM process
Excellent penetration characteristics of the EWM process "forceArc puls"


"forceArc puls" revolutionises welding technology

EWM unveils a new welding process bringing considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and cost

Mündersbach, 15 March 2016 – The handling and efficiency of the new "forceArc puls" welding process from EWM AG, Germany's largest welding machine manufacturer and a world leader in arc welding technology, has revolutionised MIG/MAG welding.

The innovation from EWM combines the strengths of the tried-and-tested "forceArc" with the advantages of a pulsed arc. This enables wide applicability, a low heat input and higher welding speeds. "forceArc puls" not only saves resources but is highly economical.

The new MIG/MAG welding process is suitable for the welding of both unalloyed or low-alloy steels and chrome nickel steels. Its deep penetration makes it especially suitable for root welding with single and double-sided full penetration. In comparison to pulsed arc welding, the process enables up to 20 per cent higher welding speeds with an identical throat thickness. The new process is also characterised by a lower heat input, reducing discolouration and minimising distortion substantially. As the arc is also nearly spatter-free this reduces reworking and straightening work by up to 50 per cent – a considerable advantage when working with CrNi steels.

Switching from standard GMAW welding to the new process is also very easy. The excellent wetting of this process makes it exceptionally easy to handle, requires almost no practice time and can be used straight away. An ideal solution when workstations are frequently changed or new personnel is hired. The pleasant arc sound and the significant reduction effected in the welding fumes bring high operator acceptance levels.

Significant cost-reduction and improved competitiveness
These features produce considerable cost-savings as a result of reduced working and production times, lower wage costs, reduced material and shielding gas consumption and reduced electricity costs. Depending on its application, clients can reduce their total costs by up to 30 per cent when using "forceArc puls". Pierre Mack, managing director of Mesa Metall-Stahlbau in Carlow, has come to appreciate this significant level of savings achieved with this new process. “We have managed to reduce production times for welding and grinding by an incredible 57 per cent”, reports Mack. Whilst his company required 781 working hours for the production of four water containers for fire and rescue trains using conventional welding technology, the introduction of the new EWM arc and EWM technology required only 339 hours. This is an important factor in competitiveness. "We would miss out on a lot of contracts if we weren’t able to weld in this way", stated Mack.

Deep penetration is ideal for compliance with EN 1090
In addition to the economic advantages of this new welding process, "forceArc puls" also brings considerable technological advantages in a range of applications. Users working in accordance with EN 1090 find the depth of penetration which this welding process offers ideal, as it enables considerably higher strength values in the joint. The effective and total weld seam thickness is considerable higher than the nominal seam thickness, making welding often possible with just as single pass –another of the many advantages presented by the new technology. The new EWM welding process "forceArc puls" can justifiably be considered as a revolution in welding technology.