The virtually spatter-free forceArc puls arc minimises finishing work.
The virtually spatter-free forceArc puls arc minimises finishing work.


Innovations for the whole welding process chain – cut costs and enhance quality
Live demonstrations by EWM at DVS EXPO

Always taking into account the needs of the whole welding process chain, Germany's largest arc welding technology manufacturer EWM AG will be showcasing numerous innovations relating to Multimatrix technology. EWM's top priorities are to provide the best solutions to welding tasks, reduce costs and increase its customers' competitiveness on a lasting basis. Users can experience all the innovations for themselves in live demonstrations at DVS EXPO.

Multimatrix – “perfection is the principle” proves effective in practice
EWM's Multimatrix technology ensures safe, convenient and environmentally friendly welding. All components are perfectly attuned to one another – always with the single objective of increasing customer benefits. That's why EWM can offer the perfect solution for every user. Updates keep users up to date in terms of welding processes, software and operation at all times.

Users report cost savings of up to 60 per cent in practice with Multimatrix technology. This is achieved by reducing consumption of energy and materials, which also significantly decreases the time taken to perform welding work and increases productivity.

All in – greater variety of uses
With an EWM welding machine, users are equipped to tackle any welding challenge. The “All in” concept means that the price of EWM welding machines always includes all machine-specific welding procedures for steel, CrNi and aluminium, so the full range of tasks is covered. The free EN 1090 WPQR Package not only includes diverse welding procedure specifications relevant for practical use, but also replaces the welding procedure tests required for the EN 1090 certification.

forceArc puls – pulse welding made easy
forceArc puls is a new, innovative MIG/MAG welding process with very straightforward handling, which makes it easy to introduce pulse welding into your workflow. forceArc puls offers numerous benefits, particularly in the higher performance range, including minimal finishing work thanks to a virtually spatter-free arc, reduced heat input, reliable gap bridging and higher welding speed.

EWM WPS-Tool – easy creation and management of welding procedure specifications
The WPS-Tool software allows welding procedure specifications to be created quickly and easily and managed for different workflows. Used in combination with the ewm Xnet quality management software, this data can be directly stored on the corresponding welding machines and individual access rights to the data assigned for each user. This ensures welding quality and helps with management of welding tasks.

Degauss 600 – degaussing during welding
Welding ferromagnetic workpieces can be difficult, mainly due to these workpieces' magnetic fields. The degauss 600 degaussing power source eliminates the magnetic field from the workpiece, not just before, but also during the welding process. This effectively prevents magnetisation of the workpiece, resulting in high-quality weld seams on ferromagnetic materials.