Free EN 1090 WPQR package – Free download for EWM customers

Customers will receive the EN 1090 WPQR package free of charge whenever they purchase a new EWM welding machine from the alpha Q, Phoenix, Picomig and Taurus Synergic S ranges in the future. The comprehensive package can be downloaded directly after registering the new machine online at

This package contains welding procedure tests and qualified welding procedure specifications for most standard welding positions and joints. The EN 1090 WPQR package thus extends the range of applications and manufacturing options for all welding companies and even offering much more than just EN 1090-compliant production.
If a welding company needs to obtain certification, the EN 1090 WPQR package forms the basis for the qualification process. Qualification of the 'welding' production process is practically already complete thanks to the welding procedure specifications enclosed.
As EWM machines are JOB-based, the welding procedure specifications in this EN 1090 WPQR package are valid for EWM welding machines in the alpha Q, Phoenix, Picomig and Taurus Synergic S ranges. Thanks to qualification aided by certified welding consumables, the same procedural specifications can even be used for welding machines by any other manufacturer provided you have the right welding consumable. EWM's EN 1090 WPQR package thus covers standard welding positions and welding joints and can be used for both the aforementioned EWM machines and welding machines by any other manufacturer and, what's more, free of charge.
EWM AG offers a demo version for an initial insight. You can find further information about the certification process procedure, certification centres and introducing a factory production control system at and product information at