Can be used anywhere and highly suitable for construction sites - Pico 160 cel puls
Can be used anywhere and highly suitable for construction sites - Pico 160 cel puls


Perfection can be easy – the Pico 160 cel puls from EWM

EWM AG has brought one of the lightest portable electrode welding machines to the market: the Pico 160 cel puls, weighing only 4.7 kg, can be used safely for vertical-down CEL welding and TIG pulse welding for the 230-V lighting main. The latest addition to EWM’s successful Pico range has not only been optimised when it comes to weight, however. The focus is also on excellent welding results with universal usability and enhanced user-friendly operation as well as on the machine’s high level of robustness.

The Pico 160 cel puls also features an impressive new ergonomic design. With its stable, splash-proof housing made of plastic and aluminium and a transparent protective cap over the new control, this is the ideal machine for all applications – for construction sites, workshops and other assembly work. Another highlight is the simple operability of the welding machine. The new control’s easy-to-read display enables the welding parameters to be set precisely. This is an important prerequisite for simple reproducibility in order to ensure that consistent high-quality welding results are achieved. EWM’s single-hand operation concept also enables the functions to be set using a single large button, which means users do not need to remove their gloves every time they need to change a setting. Other advantages in day-to-day usage are the remote control connection option and the large connection sockets (50 mm2), which enable the machine to be combined with standard electrode holders and standard TIG welding torches with rotary gas valves.

But it is not only the external features of the new Pico 160 cel puls that are impressive. Characteristics, hot start and an antistick function for sticking electrodes are all integrated as standard, providing the very best support for all welding processes. The new pulse function also enables easy vertical-up and vertical-down welding without having to resort to the complex "Christmas tree" technique. This makes work much easier, especially in hard-to-reach areas or locations with poor visibility. In use, the Pico demonstrates its strengths when welding electrodes up to 4 mm and enables 100% safe vertical-down welding also when using cellulose electrodes.

EWM’s tried-and-tested inverter technology is characterised by its high efficiency. Among its advantages are the switchable standby power-saving function and the adjustable 230 V mains fuse restriction to 10 A, 13 A, 16 A and 20 A. The machine’s high mains voltage tolerances of -40% to +15% ensure smooth operation with generators and enable welding with mains connection leads up to 100 m in length. The machine is also protected against inadvertent connection to 400 V mains voltage.

This makes the Pico 160 cel puls the ideal machine for use in industry and in workshops, for both fast repairs and continuous operation. EWM’s commitment to high quality is no empty promise as its warranty also proves – three years for all welding machines and five years for transformers and rectifiers, with no restriction on the number of operating hours – even when used in three-shift operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.