Professional TIG welding – everywhere
Professional TIG welding – everywhere


Professional TIG welding everywhere – new machines in the EWM Tetrix series

EWM AG presents two newly developed products in its range of portable TIG welding machines: the Tetrix 230 and Tetrix 300 Comfort 2.0 puls, both available in DC and AC/DC versions. This compact machine series features the new, robust EWM system housing, which can be connected to a cooling unit and transport cart without needing any tools, thus ensuring optimum modularity. The series demonstrates its strengths in all areas of application – from workshops to industrial settings – both in day-to-day continuous use and in mobile operations on customer premises.

A number of concepts to improve user-friendliness have been successfully incorporated in the development of the new machine generation. The real highlight is the new Comfort 2.0 control, equipped with an additional display and illuminated symbols for improved presentation of the machine’s functions. This enables welders to see crucial information at a glance, giving them full control over the welding process. Handling is also simplified by the intuitive single-hand operation concept featuring a large, central click wheel and a smart menu control with visual user guidance and logical up/down menu. In the AC versions, users also have full access to the AC parameters when welding in setup mode, making it easier to determine the optimum setting for changing welding tasks.

The standard integrated functions also guarantee flawless welding results with very easy handling. The newly designed, user-friendly average value pulse function allows users to implement elements such as WPS requirements extremely simply, even in pulsed mode.

In the Tetrix 300 versions, another exceptional feature comprises the digital interface offering connectivity to ewm Xnet. This quality management software enables quality-related data to be easily recorded, thus providing full quality control, even when used on site at customer facilities.

With its high efficiency and standby power-saving function, EWM’s proven inverter technology ensures efficient performance and conserves resources. The machine’s high mains voltage tolerances bring another advantage as they ensure smooth operation with generators and enable welding with mains connection leads up to 100 m in length. As in all other EWM welding machines, only long-lasting, high-quality components are used in these models. These are covered by the unbeatable EWM warranty of three years for welding machines and five years for transformers and rectifiers with no restriction on the number of operating hours – even when used in three-shift operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All this makes the new Tetrix series the ideal piece of equipment for professional TIG welding – everywhere.