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Belonging to the ITA is a personal benefit to the individual member or members of a corporate membership and provides a continuous link with the industry and technology.

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Election to membership is approved by the International Executive Board and can commence at any month during the year and renewal subscriptions are charged on a 12 month basis from the date of expiry of the previous period. On completion of either the personal or corporate on-line application forms and subsequent approval of the ITA, an invoice will be raised for the appropriate charge. (There is nothing to pay on submission of the form). It is important for applicants from EU countries to provide a company VAT number because it has to be charged unless the number is provided. If you provide your EU VAT number the net membership fees are reduced as shown.



We look forward to welcoming you to our world.

The ITA membership benefits

  • The ITA offers the possibility to release your business-, company-, and product information and pictures – without any limitation – on the ITA website at 365 days a year – over 35.000 visitors monthly.

  • The ITA offers free listing on the ITA website with hyperlinks to your own website.

  • The ITA offers free publication of editorials and pictures in the ITAtube Journal for your business-, company and product communications four times a year.

  • The ITA offers the possibility to place advertisements in the ITAtube Journal at a reasonable price for your marketing activities (coverage: 8.000 a year) over 10.000 readers hardcopy, over 35.000 readers monthly online.

  • The ITA offers marketing support by consulting in wording, placement and design if needed.

  • The ITA offers education, technical exchange and development.

  • The ITA offers reduced fees at ITA conferences and excellent networking events – some are totally free.

  • The ITA offers invaluable practical local advice on attending all major tube exhibitions organized by Messe Dusseldorf.

  • The ITA offers free support services on the ITA booth at major tube and pipe exhibitions worldwide.

  • The ITA offers a one day free ticket and a free member’s lunch during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Tube show in Düsseldorf.