Continuous Training and Improvement

Roll Machining Technologies and Solutions continues to deliver firsthand knowledge from our more than 100 years of experience with actual tube mill trade skills with our customized interactive training. RMTS heads into the year's fourth quarter continuing to educate operators in their own plants with their new tooling and demonstrating how and why things are happening on a tube mill. RMTS president Rick  Olson said, "We are teaching productive and repeatable work habits, safety, organization and set ups to operators. We help educate all levels- from the first time tuber to the plant managers. Some for the first time, some for the 20th time. Everyone can take something away from these valuable discussions and be able to make improvements on their mills." Rick went on to say, "Better education gives operators the knowledge to make better tube. When we rescue a company's dollars from the scrap bin, we feel accomplished helping everyone become successful."

RMTS maintains a continuous expanding library of technical papers in their 'RMTS University' organized from over the past 100 years of hands on experience. These offerings include information on straighteners, slitting, welding, edge trimming, galvanizing, finishing and much more. RMTS offers their training on site and with a packaged collection of DVDs.