New Strip Width Computer Now Available Online

RMTS Releases New Strip Width Technology Computer for all tube and pipe mills.

Roll Machining Technologies and Solutions is proud to release their Strip Width Calculator to a new online format.  The new strip width technology computer This necessary tube mill operator tool was once only available bundled with the company’s proprietary T.U.B.E.S. (Tube Users Basic Engineering System) tablets. Originally developed as a calculator and then a Palm OS version, this tool has been adapted  to the latest versions of Apple and Android, but RMTS felt users may need an over the internet version as well. RMTS CEO Joe Olson states “Every tuber should have access to these tools. It is critical on so many levels from the setup to the cut off. This is one more way we can service our customers with convenience.” This technology is brought to you by the leading tube and pipe tooling designers, RMTS.
The all new online version of the RMTS Strip Width Calculator can be accessed at