New Technology Press Release – SUPER WEAR™

Romeoville, IL - Roll Machining Technologies and Solutions

Roll Machining Technologies and Solutions has developed a new process called Super Wear ™ that uses enhanced D2-CT for tube, pipe, and roll form tooling. This exclusive technology significantly increases the footage run before the tooling needs to be reconditioned. RMTS has incorporated the processes of the proprietary steel formula, heat treating, and cutting already practiced with the Super Roll™ and added another dimension to increase the tooling life. RMTS president Rick Olson states that customers are “already experiencing 2-5 times the normal life of tooling in between regrinds. We are saving our customers money, plain and simple. Longer tool life equals less change over, down time, and freight. These are all time and money savers customers can see.” The enhancement to the D2 H.C.H.C. and H13 prevents roll marking of any surface.