Optimizing pipeline transport with Sytem88

Jan De Nul Group won the IADC Safety Award 2017, during the Annual General Meeting of the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) in Marseille, France. Jan De Nul Group designed and tested their optimized working process by colleagues in the field. The team combined new ideas with various techniques available on the market which resulted in an overall safer process to handle and transport pipelines. This company was honoured for its ‘transport of pipeline optimization’ initiative on its logistic hubs in Zelzate (Belgium) and worldwide. They optimized and enhanced the handling and transport of dredging pipes by means of three techniques, including the use of DHATEC ‘cradles’ known as System88 - a safe and flexible transport system for transporting pipes by train or truck. Jan De Nul commented on this product: “System88 is perfectly equipped for transporting pipes. Not only are we able to stow two high on trucks, but we can use different types of trucks as well. For a project in Italy, for instance, we drove more than 280,000 kilometres with this system. Without any damage and without having to replace a single block”. System88 is easy adjustable for different pipe diameters, with an application range from 219,1mm - 3.657,6mm (8"- 144"). This system is safe, reliable and tested by TÜV Nord Mobilität.
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