New product – Clamping Tool for Bevel Protector

Dhatec is glad to introduce a new product: Clamping Tool for Bevel Protector. This tool is used for easy application of the Bevel Protector.
Dhatec’s engineering team is always looking for new ways to improve its existing line of products and for new product development. This Clamping Tool is designed for both improved efficiency and safety when applying Bevel Protectors for the protection of the pipe bevel.
The Clamping Tool for Bevel Protector is used to press down the Clamping Clip of the Bevel Protector, in order to apply the Protector on the bevel of the pipe. Usually this has been done with a Bench Hammer, but now this can be done more quickly and more user friendly by using this new product. Furthermore it offers the following benefits:
• Safe to use
• Constant clamping force
• Jaw opens automatically
This product is suitable for wall thicknesses up to 42mm thanks to the jaw set, which can be assembled in two different ways.