V-Sup for temporary pipe support

A new patent application has been filed for Dhatec’s newest product: V-Sup. This is a pipeline support designed for the storage of pipelines at the construction right-of-way, but can also be used for other temporary support of pipes. This product consists of two different components - the V-beam and the stackable beam.
The V-recess allows the pipes to be held in position during pre-construction (stringing). This provides a stable and secured support. The overall height of the support can be modified by adding layers of stackable beams, during the construction phase (welding, field joint operations). The beams are stacked easily and secured thanks to the interlocking recesses. This design minimizes shifting of the beams and ensures a strong and solid support for every job. Why buy this product?

  • Safe and reliable material composition/ design
  • Prevents coating damage
  • Reusable & durable

This product is not yet commercially available, but is in the early stages of mould production. Keep an eye out on our future newsletters for product launch details. For more information on this product or our company, please send an email to info@dhatec.nl or contact +31 497 542 527