RFID tags for pipe traceability

Together with Shawcor, Dhatec recently launched a new product to improve the accuracy, efficiency and safety of pipe handling and the logistics process on one of world's largest pipeline projects. As Dhatec specializes in developing and manufacturing solutions for safe, efficient and damage free pipe logistics, they created a RFID/Barcode tag that identifies and enables tracking and tracing.

These RFID tags were specifically manufactured for attachment to the Dhatec PVC Plugs. Together with the Bevel Protector, the PVC Plug provides pipe closure and with the RFID tag it makes it easier to maintain efficient pipe traceability in a safe manner. The two unique numbers will be captured as part of the tallied pipe data along with details like pipe ID, heat numbers, batch no, etc. Through RFID scanning, information can be received quickly and from a safe distance. Barcode scanning provides individual identification and backup.

This technology even makes it possible to scan the data using a spreader bar. It registers the pipes during handling, transport and storage and provides all the information to the pipe tracking system. As all of the data is electronically gathered and stored, information can easily be pulled to answer inquiries from a regulator, supply chain stakeholder, or the customer.