Prinz-Mayweg has recently taken the decision to invest in another Thermatool HF welder manufactured by Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd UK

For more than 100 years, the Prinz-Mayweg Gruppe has been processing precision steel tubes for customized applications in trade and industry. This long-standing company, headquartered in Wickede, Germany stands for unique precision, a high level of innovation and excellent quality in creating and processing high-quality steel tubes. Its unique company leadership and associated company mission statement have significantly influenced the success of this family-owned company over the years. Management‘s high level of entrepreneurial flair for investments and expansions at the right time have consistently made the Prinz-Mayweg Gruppe grow, and led to its current success. Mr. Michael Standop from Prinz-Mayweg Gruppe added “Thanks to optimized manufacturing methods, products with dual-phase steels and boron-manganese alloy steels are produced and processed into components according to the customer‘s request. To reduce the weight and material cost, structured and rolled tube material is welded using the high-frequency welding process. To make these processes with the highest quality and to develop our business constantly, we are using the highest technology and most innovative equipment such as the HF welding systems from Thermatool. It is very important to us to work with reliable and competent partners together like Mr. Hasan Simsek from Thermatool.” Wayne Hine Sales Director of Thermatool brand commented “The company is delighted to have this opportunity to play a key part in a series of strategic investments currently being made across Europe. The long-term commitment by Thermatool to the German shaped tube producers is exemplified by Mr Hasan Simsek – who provides expedient service and support that Thermatool’s European customers expect. Thermatool, has a long and respected history for innovation, technical ability and it continues to innovate and lead in the Welded tube market. Thermatool will participate in the ITA Conference Dusseldorf (November 2017) and are well into their planning and look forward to meeting friends, colleagues, associates, customers, and prospects in Tube Dusseldorf (April 2018)”. Thermatool specialises in the design and manufacture of high technology tube and pipe production equipment, offering the most comprehensive range of HF welders, seam annealers and high-speed flying shears to the tube and pipe sector worldwide. Inductotherm Heating & Welding limited is one of forty companies making up the INDUCTOTHERM GROUP and is the European manufacturing and technical headquarters for Thermatool, Radyne, Banyard and Newelco, producing a diverse range of induction heating and welding equipment specifically suited to the metal processing industry.