150-MPM ERW Tube Mill to Silva Mash, Bulgaria

The high-productivity line will produce niche tubular products mainly for high-end automotive and furniture applications

With a capacity of 60,000 tpy of precision tubes delivered to the main European automotive and furniture manufacturers, Silva Mash is a leading welded tube producer in Bulgaria.
The Danieli W+K "ERW 45/2.5-150" mill to be installed in Lesky will produce round, rectangular, square, semi-oval, and elliptical high-quality and high-strength tubes with superior surface finishing, ODs ranging from 10 to 45 mm and WTs from 0.5 to 2.5 mm.
Further to an operational speed reaching 150 mpm, the line offers superior diameter/wall thickness ratio capability which, along with quick product change-over time (less than 60 min), results in great product flexibility.
To cope with the high level of productivity requested, the line is comprised of a double decoiler, strip joiner, horizontal accumulator, heavy duty forming section with break-down, fin pass, welding and sizing stands, and a cut-off and evacuation system including a packaging machine.