Mair Research cold drawn tube production and finishing lines in the automotive tube market

30 years ago Mair Research manufactured and commissioned its first automatic integrated finishing line for DOM cold drawn tubes. At the time the customer had a pointing machine, cold draw bench and straightener and our task was to integrate this existing equipment with our new downstream finishing consisting of multicut saws to reach final tube lengths, chamfering, visual inspection, NDT interfacing and packaging and strapping of finished tubes in bundles.
In the last 10 years we have designed and manufactured our own cold draw benches, straighteners and
pointing machines: all with very important and interesting technical features, such as:

• High productivity and reliability
• Customised line manufactured according to the customer’s needs
• User friendly equipment with quick adjustments for settings and size changeovers
• Possibility to employ tubes with some straightness deviation

Every single machine and every single line can be implemented to comply with Industry 4.0; the entire work cycle and production may be interfaced with the customer’s MES system.
In the last two years Mair Research has commissioned three complete integrated Cold Draw Bench and Finishing lines of which two in Europe and one in Mexico.

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