Mair Research has supplied an Integrated Cold Draw Bench and Finishing Line to a primary producer of precision tubes

Mair Research has recently supplied an integrated Cold Draw Bench and Finishing Line to a very important producer of automotive tubes where it is required to have a high productivity and ensure a very tight ID tolerance which is measured automatically.

Tubes to be drawn are special steel grades up to 70mm diameter for the production of shock absorbers and other automotive products.

The Cold Draw Bench is a 4 tube pull with 40 tons capacity. Drawn tubes will then be processed by the finishing equipment with which it is fully integrated to achieve one seamless line. The end product is a bundle ready for dispatch.

The scope of supply is fully integrated line composed of the following main equipment:

  • Loader with special descrambling system
  • Pointing machine (press type)
  • 4-Tube Draw Bench
  • 10 roll Straightening Machine
  • Multicut machine to eliminate pointed end and cut to final lengths
  • Deburring machine and chips removal
  • Automatic ID tube tolerance measurement and on line verification
  • Visual inspection
  • Interfacing with NDT testing
  • Automatic bundling in final shapes
  • Wrapping with VCI film
  • Strapping and labelling
  • Storage and weighing of finished bundle

Particular attention is given to the interconnecting handling placed between the machines in order to smoothly transport the tubes and avoid any sort of denting or scratching of the tube surface.

All the above equipment was fully designed and manufactured by Mair Research is their plants located in Schio, Italy. Before dispatch the equipment went through a careful in-house testing in presence of the customer.

Since all operations are performed automatically, a very limited amount of operators with sole supervisory tasks are sufficient to conduct the line. Consequently all operator hazards have been eliminated providing a constantly safe work environment.

Mair Research is specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of finishing lines in general (automotive, OCTG, cold drawn DOM, other) having delivered to very important world reference producers in the field of ERW and seamless tubes.