PIPE BENDING WORLD (German Language Only) on 11th of September in GALILEO PARK

Digitization - in fact relevant for pipeline planning and in piping construction?

On September 11, 2018, the Galileo Park in Sauerland opens its gates for the German-speaking PIPE BENDING WORLD from 10 am to 5 pm for the first time. The focus of the one-day event will be digitization and its actual relevance for pipeline planning and pipeline construction. The PIPE BENDING WORLD addresses itself to all interested ones from the vehicle and shipbuilding, from the food and chemical industry, from the power plant, plant construction or from the air conditioning technology, which would like to optimize their development and manufacturing processes for the digital future with adequate steps without exchanging their complete software architecture. From now on the organizers accept CAD Partner / Smap3D and PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS registrations under the following link:
Admission is free, but the seats are limited. Therefore, a registration for inlet is required.

Sustainable and diverting information at the same time: Lectures, exhibition stands, live presentations
There are booths for topics like scanning, engineering, software (control of work preparation & manufacturing) as well as machine and measuring technology. In some cases, live presentations are held directly at individual stands in order to be able to assess the practicality of the company immediately. The organizers also invite CAD partners / Smap3D and PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS to several small lectures with a focus on the digitization of pipe construction and the digitization of production and machine technology (PBS).

Bending or non-bending - that is the question of Krones AG
A lecture with the title "Bending or non-bending - that's the question" of Krones AG, a German listed manufacturer of equipment for the filling and packaging of beverages and liquid food in PET and glass bottles as well as beverage cans, is eagerly awaited. In it, the speaker will shed more light on the process steps from the design to the bent pipe. Visitors to the Pipe Bending World should also get an idea of ​​how digitization is being implemented as an already practiced reality, from pipe construction to production, and what experience in 2018 actually already exists.
Agenda of the PIPE BENDING WORLD 2018
The organizers place less importance on theoretical aspects but want to offer concrete solutions with the Pipe Bending World. The agenda therefore includes presentations on systems and approaches. So the process steps from P & ID to piping to isometry are presented in one solution or how data from the 3D scanner can be used without any detours in the CAD program. Another lecture deals with the question, how it can be determined during the construction, whether a pipe can be bent and manufactured at all.

A central aspect of digitization in the context of piping lies in the continuous flow of data from the design to the ready-to-install pipe, which PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS will discuss in detail. The optimization of the overall process through the logical linking of technical and organizational data is also part of the talk, in order to create a solidarity between design, production and management.

Directions, accommodation and contact:

• Registration:
• To Galileo Park in Lennestadt / Meggen: https://www.galileo-park.de/Anfahrt-11.html
• Hotel recommendation Hotel Schweinsberg in Lennestadt - Langenei: http://hotel-schweinsberg.de/
• Contact to the organizers:
CAD Partner / Smap3D: info@CADPartner.de, Tel. +49 9404 9639-21
PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS: pbs@tracto-technik.de, Tel. +49 2725 9540-0