Olimpia 80: Two new tube mills were recently installed in China

Two new tube mills were recently installed in China by Olimpia 80 to the same customer. These are two complete lines destined to produce high quality welded tubes mostly for automotive applications.
One tube mill uses a LASER technology and the second one, the HF welding method.
The Laser tube mill can cover the OD range up to 80 mm and 2 mm max thickness, with a 6 kW laser welding generator.
The HF tube mill can arrive at the max speed of 100 m/min to cover the range of OD up to 80 mm and 2 mm max, with a generator of 300 kW.
Others different tube mills are in commissioning in Mexico and Algeria; some of these are destined to produce tubes for automotive industries, confirming the fact that this market is in continuous expansion in the last 3-5 years.
The big contract signed in Algeria, for a supply of a total of 5 tube mills for stainless steel products, started the activity with the two first tube mills, waiting the others three in construction on our plant, together with a complete steel service center for the stainless steel coils processing.
A big tube mill with the cage forming technology for square and rectangular sections, is in commissioning in India, to cover the range from 80x80 up to 200x200 mm and 10 mm max thickness of carbon steel.
At last, the most important technology innovation is the recent tube mill for stainless steel tubes installed with the IPG fiber laser generator, to produce small size of tubes.