Optical geometry measurement of large tubes in production

A combination of the GKS outer contour measurement and the GKS straightness measurement enables MSG Maschinenbau to determine the outer geometry of large workpieces in space. Recording of the cross-sections during passage on the one hand and subsequently of the longitudinal workpiece axis in space on the other hand permits highly precise determination of the outer sleeve.

The tried and tested GKS outer contour measurement is expanded by the component of straightness measurement by this. The difference from straightness measurement for small cross-section is in compensation for gravity. Due to the very high intrinsic stiffness of the workpieces, this is not necessary. Evaluation takes place, as in all measuring facilities from MSG, using a dedicated software.

Beyond this, the customer may use the in-house engineering by MSG Maschinenbau when expert know-how from a special machine manufacturer is required. The great advantage of MSG Maschinenbau is in processing turnkey solutions, with the entire know-how from mechanical engineering, electrical systems and programming available in house. Two of these systems have already been successfully integrated in different production areas.
The manufacturer generally offers a pioneering option for meeting the continually increasing market requirements to all quality officers, test technicians and system operators with the optical straightness measurement.