MAC's Echomac FD-6A ultrasonic instrument, part of a
MAC's Echomac FD-6A ultrasonic instrument, part of a "spin the tube" immersion tank system to test titanium tube for nuclear applications.


MAC to Feature NDT Instruments & Systems at Tube 2018 Dusseldorf

Magnetic Analysis Corp. , celebrating 90 years of serving the metals industry, will be featuring NDT instruments and systems for testing tube, pipe, bar and wire at Stand # 6  I -12 at Tube 2018 Dusseldorf. MAC’s latest developments in Eddy Current, Ultrasonic and Flux leakage test technology will be highlighted at the show, including the new Echomac® FD6/6A for testing high performance tube and bar, the Echomac® WLD Ultrasonic Weld Zone test system,  and DC and AC Rotoflux® instruments and systems.

The Echomac® FD6/6A, ultrasonic inspection instrument is designed for on or off-line flaw detection, thickness, weld inspection, and dimensional measurement in tube and pipe. It achieves a high signal to noise ratio, includes a wide range of selectable band pass filter settings, precise thickness resolution, and excellent repeatability and reliability.  The Model 6A also holds GE Qualification for P3TF31 and P29TF82 Class A and B, typically required to meet high level quality standards for aerospace and other critical applications.

Features of the FD6/6A include Echohunter® software which provides a versatile, intuitive operation with convenient set up and control of all key test parameters on one screen, the ability to move thresholds by selecting and dragging on screen, and a global key to adjust or copy a group of test parameters from one channel to another. The instrument is compatible with rotary, immersion, bubbler or squirter and “spin the tube” type applications.  The Echomac® series is being used for a variety of applications ranging from full body testing of spinning tube and weld zone inspection during production, to 500mm Ultrasonic/Flux Leakage multi test systems for large diameter OCTG pipe.

MAC’s experienced Engineers will be present at the booth to discuss the full range of MAC test systems, including innovative MultiMac® eddy current weld and full body inspection of large diameter tube ranging up to 1300mm, as well as the compact, affordable Minimac® 55 eddy current tester. Information on the Echomac®, ultrasonic phased array system for testing bar, and ultrasonic/flux leakage multi-test systems ranging up to 500mm for OCTG pipe, as well as other nondestructive test solutions for tube producers, will be available. 

MAC’s 90 years developing and supplying nondestructive test equipment and systems to tube, bar, and wire manufacturers ensures a thorough understanding of customer inspection needs.