BÜLTMANN Heavy-Duty Ring Frame for Multi-Roll Straightening Machines

The sufficiently known BÜLTMANN rigidity concept for the design production machines has proven its worth until today. The positive feedback of our customers more than ever justifies this philosophy in this day and age. After all, the requirements with regard to strength and quality of tube and rod products have risen continuously in recent years. It can be assumed that this trend will continue.

All the more it was the right decision that BÜLTMANN has relied on the fully enclosed ringframe construction for the design of multi-roll straightening machines from the very beginning. Only this extremely rigid frame construction can meet current and future requirements.

The completely closed ring frame make BÜLTMANN made of solid forged steel blocks ensures a secure and torsion-resistant force absorption and distribution, a low-vibration running, most precise straightening results, a long-life cycle of the machine, a precise and safe clamping of roll holders during straightening, as well as a most sensitive adjustment when processing delicate tubes.

In addition to that is ensured free accessibility to the straightening area due to the not existing columns, so that it is possible to very easily and quickly change the straightening rolls by means of the quick roll changing device. Each frame is individually designed by means of FE analysis in order to reliably cover the required applications.

Furthermore it can be stated, based on our experience and the feedback of our customers who were working with older straighteners with steel crown frame and columns, that this obsolete frame concept is not state of the art.

The downside of this concept is that the frame is not closed, that the upper and lower parts are connected just by columns. The frame is not able to securely take up and transfer the straightening forces in vertical and horizontal direction. The machine is not rigid and will be distorted during straightening. This has a negative effect on the tube quality, the reproducibility of product-related machine settings, the susceptibility to vibration as well as the lifetime of the machine. The accessibility of the straightening area is also considerably restricted.

If you want to meet the highest demands now and in the future, BÜLTMANN "State of the Art" tube and bar straightening machines are a must.