Enhancement of BÜLTMANN drawing machine

BÜLTMANN is a worldwide operating family owned company whose innovative strength has been proven in the field of engineering and construction of machines and production lines. Being a supplier of high-quality machinery, we support our customers of the semi-product industry in producing high-quality tubes, bars and profiles out of different metals.
For more than 40 years BÜLTMANN develops customer-specific solutions in order to supply in each case the optimal machinery. We are of assistance to our customers from the very first idea to the completed project and beyond. In addition to that we develop together with our customers an economic production flow for their existing manufacturing equipment. We assist in choosing the optimal machines which are, if requested, interlinked to automatically working processing lines.
Due to our extensive product portfolio we can increase the productivity of your machinery, as well.
The equipment built by BÜLTMANN is subject to continuous enhancement, so to correspond to the increased demands of customer and market. The new generation of BÜLTMANN drawing machines, for example, is characterized by a considerably better accessibility, a lean machine design and changeover times reduced to a minimum. Thus our customer is able to realize small production batches and to flexibly supply the market.
The modular design of the machine allows a quick adjustment to the different requirements of the customer. The use of highly efficient drives result in a reduced power consumption. The up-to-date BÜLTMANN machinery is featured by a high automation level, supporting the > operator and being the precondition for a constant and reproducible product quality.
BÜLTMANN does not only continuously improve the design of their machines, but also their > presence in the market.
In order to be closer to our customers, BÜLTMANN has extended the distribution network. So we welcome “VASTEC”, our new representation in Korea, having more than 30 years of experience and being a reliable partner of Korea’s tube and bar producing industry. > The manufacturing program of BÜLTMANN is an excellent supplement of VASTEC’s product portfolio, enabling the Korean company to act as a competent consultant for the semi-product industry for high-quality machinery and production lines Made in Germany.
For further information, please visit our website www.bueltman.com or call us +49 2394 / 18-0.