New generation Kinkelder TCT CX saw blades for solid (stainless) steel

In order to help customers achieve the highest production rates, best cut quality and lowest cost per cut, Kinkelder has further developed its TCT product range for solid cutting applications.

The new generation of Kinkelder CX series saw blades makes use of the latest insights in design, materials and production technology, leading to optimal squareness and surface finish.

New saw body design
In applications with poor chip evacuation, the chips often get intertwined and clog the sawing machine. By updating the saw body design, a significant increase of up to 50% blade life has been achieved. The new design is being used in the CX 1, CX 6, CX 7 and Champion SL saw blades for tooth pitches higher than 12 mm.

Optimized tooth geometries & carbide grades
Many years of extensive testing have proven that the large diversity of applications requires fine-tuning of tooth geometries and carbide grades. Depending on the steel grade and material diameter, the optimal geometry and carbide grade are being used for dedicated products. Solid carbon steels with a tensile strength up to 900 N/mm2 are being cut with a more negative geometry and lower clearance than carbon steels with a tensile strength > 900 N/mm2. Also the carbide grade is different for both applications. Kinkelder has specifically developed the CX1-M saw blade for cutting solid carbon steel with a tensile strength up to 900 N/mm2. The CX1-H saw blade is being recommended for cutting steel with a tensile strength of 900 N/mm2 and higher, as well as large diameter ferritic-, martensitic- and duplex stainless steels.

For large diameter austenitic steel (> 35 mm), the CX6-L saw blade is being introduced, incorporating a newly designed geometry. The carbide grade is especially suitable for cutting sticky materials. The CX6-S blade is dedicated for high performance cutting of all stainless steels (ferritic, martensitic, duplex and austenitic) with diameters up to 35 mm.

A new generation PVD coating is applied to the CX1-M and CX1-H series for cutting solid carbon steels. This multilayer coating is ultra-smooth, leading to less side pick-up and low friction, while keeping the benefits of a high temperature resistant hard coating.