Dneprovsky special tools plant LLC

is the biggest company in the CIS, specializing in production of metal-cutting tools and machinery parts for metallurgical, railway and pipe industries. 
At the factory, the program of equipment modernization and technological processes is carried out. All products are manufactured using modern technological equipment:

  • four units of high-tech 5-axis milling machining centers produced by Spinner Precision Machine-Tools, each of which is not older than five years. For example, the 5-axis machine of the U5-630 model was put into use in March 2017;
  • two precision lathes, which in combination with the milling function give high productivity;
  • milling 3-coordinate machine of increased power MVC 1300.

Also, the corporation's investment plan provides for a five-axis high precision machine to further producing high-quality and high-precision axial tools.
This year, another three-axis milling machine VC1650 was put into operation to expand the range of manufactured products.
At the same time, our desire to work with new precision equipment does not bypass the universal equipment park, in particular, in the near future, the priority is the launch of a number of universal milling machines for preliminary processing of blanks.

The modern approach to solving the problems in the field of processing technologies is reflected in the effective use of the capabilities of existing equipment.
Thus, the use of the supply of coolant under pressure through the tool opens up new opportunities in providing high quality and expanding the range of produced products, and also increases the service life of the equipment by reducing the loads on the main machine components that arise when the tool is overheated and wear of its cutting part.

The use of the latest solutions in the construction of cutting inserts used in production, allows to increase the productivity of equipment, thereby processing a greater number of orders.

Advantages of the treatment in the hardened form:
- increased accuracy;
- the number of operations reduction.

One of the main tasks of the company is the constant expansion of the range of tools. Currently, we have mastered more than 1000 items of non-standard tools.

Technological capabilities of the plant provide a full cycle of production tools of any complexity and provide an opportunity to control the quality at all stages of production.

Ensuring a high quality of production is impossible without an appropriate measuring instrument. Representatives of LLC "DSTP" repeatedly visit all the exhibitions and select the best measuring instruments for the assigned tasks. So in 2016 an electronic measuring instrument was installed by the famous German company Mahr GmbH. Also in 2018, the ZOLLER measuring machine is planned to be launched, which, combined with high-precision equipment, will ensure the European quality level of the domestic instrument.
The enterprise is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.