Dual Head 12"O.D, Max 600 Bar Hydrostatic Tester

Hyundai Steel in Korea who is a major pipe producer has awarded an order 12inch dual head hydrostatic tester to EPi who is developing state of the art technology for ERW API pipe mill line continuously.

Patent for non-contact packing seal, cramping and easy tool head changing system which were developed by NAKATA’s technical support are applied to 12” dual head hydrostatic tester.

NAKATA who is leading Forming technology called FFX and ODF always support and give opportunities to his J.V.C, EPi Co., Ltd in Korea, to develop the most advanced technology.

Replacing existing single head, Hyundai steel have more than two(2) times productivity with dual head and reduce cycle time by rigid walking handling equipment. Dual head can be tested separately. Non-contact packing seal prolong their life time. New tool head changing system also easy tool change and protect packing seal damage. It is much helpful to operator. Three(3) intensifiers are applied and can reach max pressure 600bar stably.  
Hyundai steel assist EPi can have enough testing time to complete hydrostatic testing for future high productivity. It will be a good model for the new technology development by producer and supplier together.