Customized in line brushing machines for large tubes

40 years of activity in the manufacture of machines for metal surface finishing marks an important milestone for our company for which there are still many frontiers to explore and new targets to achieve.
BOSSI after having designed and manufactured a brushing machine with double rotary drum, to be installed in-line on a tube mill with laser welding system for stainless steel tubes with a maximum diameter of 12 inches, didn’t settle but raised the difficulty level by realizing two machines for one of the world's largest tube manufacturers that, in addition to satisfying the qualitative performance of the result and the maximum diameter, are able to move orthogonally with respect to the working axis during the phase of brushing.
This manoeuvre allows the operator to correct possible shifts of the working axis and always ensure a uniform brushing. This translation may seem insignificant but it is not at all if we consider the 12.000 kgs of weight of the machine and the mass put in centrifugal rotation.

The machines are completely electronic, with automatic pressure control system and possibility of height adjustment in order to fit any type of tube mill, both with fixed tube bottom and fixed tube centre.
Our systems are already in compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0.
In this project, we invested heavily in research and development as we noticed that in recent years the big tube manufacturers are moving towards larger diameters and sections, produced with increasingly high-performance tube-mills at considerable speeds, considering that only 10 years ago it was inconceivable to work these dimensions.
For these reasons, BOSSI developed a range of brushing machines, both for round and square tubes, able to brush diameters up to 12 inches and square or rectangular sections up to 300x300 mm.
Flexibility in responding to different requirements, a well-structured commercial network and a skilled technical service characterize our activity whose key component is represented by a "tailor-made" quality according to market needs.
The long experience combined with new technologies allow to reach the required performances thus assuring the customer a high-quality product which can respond to current requirements.

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