Ambrell Offers an Innovative Flexible Induction Coil

EASYCOIL is ideal for large, oddly shaped heating applications, including many in the tube and pipe industry

Ambrell, an inTEST Company and a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions, offers the flexible EASYCOIL. It can be used with Ambrell EKOHEAT induction heating systems – up to the 250 kW model – and is ideal for large, oddly shaped parts that cannot be heated with a traditional copper coil, including many tube and pipe applications.
The flexible EASYCOIL is 25 feet (7.6 m) in length, and is easy to wind around large and small parts alike. When heating larger parts, up to five EASYCOILs can be used in series. Steel can be heated up to 1,500°F (816°C) with this coil, and the power supply can deliver full power. An EKOHEAT of up to 250 kW can be used within a frequency range of 5-45 kHz.
The EASYCOIL is recommended for slow and bulk heating applications, such as preheating for welding, annealing, stress relieving, heat treating, heating for disassembly, curing coating and much more. The EASYCOIL has a glass fiber sleeve and is most popular for lower temperature applications, but it can be used for through-Curie applications with ceramic insulation.
“The EASYCOIL helps a wide range of applications benefit from induction heating’s many benefits,” said Scott Miller, Sales Manager. “The EASYCOIL is a versatile coil that can be used for a wide array of heating projects, and it doesn’t have the limitations that a copper coil can have when it comes to heating large, oddly shaped parts.”
Ambrell manufacturers induction heating systems that are CE certified and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility. The systems are used for numerous tube and pipe applications including hot bending, weld stress relieving, heat treating and coating curing.