Isotest HV conti

Safe high voltage testing of line pipes and coatings

ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH, an internationally leading producer of holiday detectors, announces the launch of the high voltage voltmeter ISOTEST HV conti.
For decades, leading pipe manufacturers all over the world have been relying on the ISOTEST holiday detectors and systems of ELMED. Even the smallest cracks, flaws and defects can be online detected and indicated in the production process of factory coatings. The special testing technique using pulsed high voltage allows both the helical as well as the circumferential testing of pipe coatings.
The ISOTEST HV conti perfectly complements stationary ISOTEST testing devices to form a comprehensive test system. It allows the precise measuring of the applied impulse voltages of stationary ISOTEST act and ISOTEST-Automat holiday detection devices. The ISOTEST HV conti continuously measures the testing voltage present at the test electrode under load conditions. Hence, the test procedure is monitored in accordance with all general rules and standards and can additionally be recorded.
The measurement signals of the ISOTEST HV conti are simultaneously transmitted by using optical data transmission. This ensures a maximum of noise immunity and measurement reliability. Thanks to various interfaces of the ISOTEST HV conti the integration in your process documentation is easily possible. Thus, test voltages within the range of 1.0 to 30.0 kV are reliably measured and recorded.

Background information:
Every year, significant damage running into billions is globally caused by corrosion on buried pipelines due to leakage, downtime and costly rehabilitation works.
A basic prerequisite for a long-lasting corrosion protection are high-quality corrosion protection materials and the testing of the coated surface with the ISOTEST® holiday detector. Porosity testing using pulsed high voltage provides the certainty that even under harsh conditions on-site no identifiable cracks or voids in the factory coating are overlooked.

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