Setting the industry up for success

As an organization dedicated to global exchange, the International Tube Association offers a unique range of benefits, services and events to promote new technology and growth within our industry.

We see ourselves as a technical and market information platform for everyone in the sector. We promote individual as well as company membership and our aim is quite simply to connect, and to foster both personal and business development. We nurture contacts with educational and training institutes around the world, which gives our work an added dimension.

At this crucial juncture, the ITA would like to stress our commitment to the ideals of one of our biggest calendar events, Tube Düsseldorf, and events like it. Many of these had to be cancelled in recent months due to the extraordinary situation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of registrations from exhibitors and visitors for Tube 2020 were set to break records, meaning that we can already look forward with confidence to the next expo in the cycle, wire and Tube 2022. This will now take place from May 9 to 13, 2022. All further details will be made known as soon as they are available.

Meanwhile, we will continue to help you stay in touch despite restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most others, we switched to remote working conditions some time ago and are currently still working from our home offices. Communication with us works best via phone and email, or even via social media.

Please don’t hesitate to email/call us with any questions. We’re happy to help in any way we can. Keeping you in touch.

The new ITA exchange and networking portal:
A valuable tool for pipe & tube colleagues worldwide

Here at the ITA, we along with the entire pipe and tube sector felt a shock that reverberated globally when our No.1 expo, Tube 2020 in Düsseldorf, was cancelled.

Which is why a team here at head office had an idea, took action and put together a tool to support colleagues, associates and fellow industry experts worldwide.

Our number one goal as the industry’s only globally active membership association is to encourage a high level of exchange. The digital portal we have developed, netForum, offers businesses and their clients a platform--to help foster contact with one another in these difficult times.

Businesses throughout the sector have a virtual space to introduce themselves, with facilities for live streaming of presentations and live videochat, whilst customers and business partners have the opportunity to contact them directly. At a fraction of the outlay of any physical event.

Our first foray into the world of online live events was a great success. It is over for now and the live facilities on the platform have been deactivated. But the participants’ pages remain populated and the site remains open. Feel free to take a look around:
>> netforum.itatube.org

In the new year we will be developing the platform still further and new live events will be organized as a part of our expanded online activities. Watch our website and the netForum site for updates, and for further details or enquiries, drop us a line at  jennifer.kranz@itatube.org

Keeping you Safe and In Touch.

How to navigate netForum

We’ve made a short video for you: on how to find the ITA’s new networking and exchange forum netForum (if you’re not already there!) and, once you’ve located the site, how to navigate it.
It shows you how to locate specific companies and the videos, etc., that they’re sharing; how to use the appointment feature to contact companies via e.g. the Video Chat; and how to join a Live event.