Quenching head developed by SMS group.
Quenching head developed by SMS group.


Flexible production, cost-effective processing and fuel savings of up to 30 percent

TMK’s Seversky Tube Works orders from SMS group heat treatment line for tubes

TMK’s subsidiary Seversky Tube Works, located in Polevskoy, Russia, has placed an order with SMS group (www.sms-group.com) for a heat treatment line for tubes and pipes. The plant produces seamless and welded pipe and tube mainly for oil and gas. With the installation of this line, TMK - one of the world’s leading tube manufacturers - is strengthening its presence in the Russian market for tube and pipe products for oil and gas exploration. The design capacity of the line is 265,000 tons heat treated tubes and pipes per year. The line is scheduled to commence operation in the first quarter of 2018. This new order was awarded to SMS Meer S.p.A., Italy, a company of SMS group.

The heat treatment line ordered by TMK allows carrying out various process steps, such as quenching, tempering and normalizing. Its main components include an austenitizing furnace with walking beam transport system, an SMS group quenching head with inside lance, a walking beam tempering furnace and a cooling bed. SMS will also supply the complete water treatment system for the heat treatment line.

The line will be able to heat treat tubes and pipes with wall thicknesses of up to 40 millimeters. Thanks to its high flexibility, the line will be able to also process small batch sizes and different product groups in a highly cost-efficient manner. Due to their very low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, the recuperative burners to be installed in the new line are very eco-friendly compared with conventional burners, allowing up to 30 percent of fuel savings.