New JCOE® large-diameter pipe mill <br><br>
New JCOE® large-diameter pipe mill


Corinth Pipeworks opts for pipe mills from SMS group

World’s most modern large-diameter pipe mill with automated JCOE® pipe forming press

In 2013, Corinth Pipeworks (CPW) from Athens, Greece, has commissioned SMS group ( to supply an 18-m JCOE® pipe mill for longitudinally seam-welded large-diameter pipes. Only two years later, the first pipe has welded on the new mill. The large-diameter pipe mill is designed for a capacity of 400,000 tons of pipes with outside diameters between 16" and 56" in wall thicknesses of up to 40 millimeters and lengths of up to 18.3 meters.

With fully automated JCOE® pipe forming press from SMS group Corinth Pipeworks is well-positioned

By investing in a new pipe welding machine, Corinth Pipeworks is expanding its product range to satisfy the growing global demand for high-strength pipes for the production and transit of oil and gas. With the JCOE® technology from SMS group, Corinth Pipeworks is able to meet the high quality requirements for high-strength pipes. Pipe dimensions with high wall thicknesses and small pipe diameters can also be produced in economic quantities.

The pipes produced by Corinth Pipeworks are earmarked for future use by the company‘s customers for supplying energy to the Mediterranean region, Gulf of Mexico, Latin America, West and East Africa and the North Sea. Corinth Pipeworks already successfully operates an HFI pipe welding machine and a two-step spiral pipe mill from SMS group.

High-quality pipes for Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP)

This new large-diameter pipe mill capacity is now already used: Corinth Pipeworks has been commissioned by Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) to supply large-diameter pipes – both  LSAW (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded) and HSAW (Helically Submerged Arc Welded) – for a total length of approximately 495 km, for the onshore part of the pipeline across Greece. The contract for approximately 270,000 tons of 48” diameter line pipes was awarded in a form of cooperation with the Japanese Marubeni-Itochi Steel group. Delivery of the pipeline project will begin in 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2017.

First use of ShapeView system worldwide

The new state of the art JCOE® large-diameter pipe mill from SMS group enables CPW to comply with the high technical requirements and to adhere to strictest environmental regulations and challenging applications, as required nowadays by the major oil and gas companies in the offshore industry. The plant is equipped with the new Shape Automation System that precisely controls the forming process using special sensors. Possible negative influences associated with the starting material or the operator, are thereby minimized. The system comprises three modular sub-systems, “ShapeBase”, “ShapeView” and “ShapeControl”, and is aimed altogether at achieving optimized forming of longitudinally seam-welded large-diameter pipes during the JCO® process. “ShapeView” has been implemented at CPW for the first time in the world offering optimized real-time control of the forming process. Thus, the new large-diameter pipe line is the most modern in the world.

Corinth Pipeworks is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel pipes, which are used in energy projects, as well as for hollow sections of large dimension applied in the construction sector. With a history of nearly half a century and significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment, Corinth Pipeworks is a renowned supplier for oil and gas companies, as well as for international construction companies with extensive know-how in the implementation of demanding projects all over the world.