At TUBE 2014 TRACTO-TECHNIK presents machinery, measuring technology and software solutions for tubes and pipes.
At TUBE 2014 TRACTO-TECHNIK presents machinery, measuring technology and software solutions for tubes and pipes.


Tracto-Technik at Tube 2014

To offer safe, complex and feasible piping solutions to its customers is the major focus of TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT) from Lennestadt / Germany. At TUBE 2014 in Düsseldorf TT not only presents innovative technology for bending and processing tubes but also high-precision measuring systems for quality control and reverse engineering as well as efficient software solutions for tube shop automation and workflow optimization (Hall 5, Booth E 21).

In the matter of tube bending technology TT shows the servo-electrically driven, multi-radii CNC tube bending machine TUBOTRON 25 MR for tubes from OD 4 to 25 mm (1’’), which completely goes without any hydraulics. The machine’s exposed and extremely compact bending head enables the production of complex tube shapes at bending speeds up to 170°/sec. The main applications are in aerospace technology, automotive industry or furniture industry.

Another brand new tube working machine is the TUBOFORM C, a combined table-top machine for hydraulic connection technology, which enables quick and safe flaring of tube ends as well as leakage-free assembly of various cutting-rings.

With the TUBOSCAN S TRACTO-TECHNIK shows a highly innovative optical measuring system, that determines the geometric data of tube figures within a matter of seconds. In addition to tube bends with standard radii this device also manages to measure and document freeform bends. The measuring system is well suited for quality assurance as well as for correction of tube bending data. It is available with different measuring ranges. Customer-specific requirements can also be considered for the layout.

In addition to machinery and measuring technology TT presents a brand new version of its PIPEFAB software package. This comprehensive “workflow optimization” software has completely been re-engineered and is now available with various functions and new features. Its modular design, starting with a sketch edition, over bending edition, hydraulic edition and manufacturing edition up to a professional edition ensures custom-made, practicable and efficient solutions for all kind of users. A stand-alone pipe bending software for small pipe bending companies is as well available as a complete client-server-based workflow management system for optimizing the whole pipe fabrication process of global player companies.

The TRACTO-TECHNIK product range comprises CNC and semi-automatic tube bending machines, assembly machines for hydraulic tubing, tube end forming machines and tube measuring systems as well as software solutions for tube and pipe processing.

TUBE 2014, April 7th - 11th in Düsseldorf
Hall 5, Booth E 21

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