Roll-Kraft Launches New Website

Prior to the launch of the new, Roll-Kraft asked its customers, “What are you looking for in a tooling provider?” Overwhelmingly, two responses topped the list of almost every respondent:  On-time delivery and first-time performance.

Now, for the first time, these two metrics will be available to all of Roll-Kraft’s website visitors. On the new homepage, visitors can easily click on either on-time delivery or first-time performance and immediately be shown a chart of Roll-Kraft’s performance over the last 12 months.  Additionally, each page highlights the latest updates on how the company is improving its performance. 

In addition to the regularly updated performance metrics, the redesigned website contains a vast amount of technical resources designed to aid tube, pipe, and roll forming manufacturers in consistently producing the best products for their customers.  These include:

  • Technical Article Library
  • Technical Video Library
  • Strip Width Calculator
  • Square and Rectangle Tube and Pipe Calculator
  • Roll-Kraft’s Performance Services, including regional and in-house tube and pipe and roll forming training seminars and mill evaluation services

Visitors will also find information on all of Roll-Kraft’s tube and pipe and roll forming product offerings, as well as regularly updated customer testimonials.