Roll-Kraft offers pickup and delivery service in Houston
Roll-Kraft offers pickup and delivery service in Houston


Roll-Kraft Texas Now Offers Free Pickup and Delivery

Roll-Kraft provides local delivery services to meet customer deadlines

Roll-Kraft Texas will now be offering a free pickup and delivery service to customers in Texas. The expanded pickup and delivery services are being implemented to further establish Roll-Kraft’s already industry-leading commitment to on-time delivery of tube and pipe and roll forming tooling.

Roll-Kraft Texas, which opened on May 18, is a brand new state-of-the-art rework facility located at 13614 Rankin Circle East, Houston, TX  77073.  The facility is equipped with top-of-the-line CNC machines from Mori Seiki and staffed by highly skilled CNC machinists who are trained in the precision reworking of all types of roll tooling.

Roll-Kraft also recently launched a new website at The new site highlights the company’s commitment to on-time delivery and first-time performance.  At any time, visitors can access the site to see figures detailing Roll-Kraft’s on-time delivery and first-time performance for the previous 12 months.