The EN 1090 WPQR package from EWM
The EN 1090 WPQR package from EWM


All-in-one package offers impressive results

EWM’s WPQR package simplifies EN 1090 certification

Mündersbach, 21 August 2014 – Welding machines from EWM are not only extremely easy to operate. The integrated innovative welding processes cut costs by boosting productivity and can extend the range of applications to ensure increased competitiveness. These features so impressed the directors of THOM Metall- und Maschinenbau GmbH that they opted for EWM’s WPQR package, which meant the welding procedure specifications required for EN 1090 certification could be created quickly and certification was completed successfully.

Switch on and start welding

Director Torsten Thom and operations manager Carsten Rosebrock experienced at first hand just how easy it is to weld using EWM welding machines and the associated welding procedure specification from the WPQR package. All they had to do was switch on the welding machine, set the JOB number and welding parameters as per the welding procedure specification and they were ready to go. The result was a visually perfect seam. And the seams also held up well in inspections after the breaking test. The machine was then used to weld specific construction components and a comparison was made with recent weld seams. The results showed that the seams welded with the EWM machine were of better quality, could be welded faster and were also virtually spatter-free – which minimises finishing work and makes the process much more economical.

Everything from a single source – services included

The philosophy of “everything from a single source” is standard practice at system and solution supplier THOM. When individual components are perfectly coordinated, the entire system delivers the best possible results. EWM follows the same systematic approach and is a one-stop supplier of welding machines, wire feeders, welding torches and welding consumables, plus a wide range of accessories. But hardware is only ever part of the equation. Services and customer care linked with the product are also crucially important. With great commitment and expertise, welding machine manufacturer EWM provided assistance with technical welding queries and THOM was able to complete the certification process smoothly.

Welding up to and including S355

THOM manufactures staircases, railings, canopies, complex supporting structures and steel installations at its steelworks. As the company already had DIN 18800 certification, the welding procedure specifications were nothing new for its factory production control system (FPC), which was already organised according to DIN 18800. Welding procedure specifications for qualified welding consumables for materials up to a yield strength of 275 MPa had been produced easily and could be used for structural steelwork. But as a steel construction company, THOM has also worked with materials up to a yield strength of 355 MPa and wanted to continue operating in this sector. This means business in EXC2 must be certified according to EN 1090, which requires welding procedure specifications based on standard welding procedures. Welding procedure specifications for qualified consumables could no longer be used for these materials.

With the WPQR package and the associated welding machine, THOM owns the prerequisites necessary to create welding procedure specifications for steels up to S355 and also to deploy these materials for supporting structures. At the date of certification, all the welding procedure specifications that a company wishes to use in its manufacturing must be to hand. For THOM to continue using steel up to a yield strength of 355 MPa for supporting structures, these welding procedure specifications also needed to be available. The WPQR package was the basis for these welding procedure specifications. The welding parameters were transferred to THOM’s own forms and the process was complete. The inspectors accepted this course of action without requiring any further procedure tests. This step made good economic sense for THOM. The costs for the whole WPQR package – i.e. for all of the welding procedure specifications for steels up to 355 MPa – was only a fraction of what one single procedure test would have cost, aside from the time required.

Fast certification at THOM

At THOM, certification to EN 1090 was completed in just six months. The WPQR package was a great help. All welding procedure specifications for steels up to and including S355 were immediately available and evidence could be provided at the certification point. By using EWM welding machines, THOM is also well equipped for the future. All available welding procedures are always integrated in every welding machine, be they MIG/MAG standard and pulsed welding procedures or the innovative welding procedures. No matter what technical welding tasks THOM is asked to undertake in the future – with EWM, all the prerequisites are in place to carry them out successfully in every case.