Rate card for the re-launched ITATUBE Journal

Dear Valued Member!

In one of our last announcements we informed you about developments within the ITA and especially with regard to the ITATUBE Journal.
As you might remember we talked about the possibility of including advertisements. Now we have the opportunity to present you the media rate card for the first edition of the ITATUBE Journal.
Due to the small circulation (approximately 1.500 – 2.000 hard copies to be distributed to our members and handed out at trade fairs) the rates are quite low.
The online version of the first edition of ITATUBE Journal will also be posted on our re-launched website. Here the ITATUBE Journal will reach an audience of 30.000 unique visits on average per month.

Please see the prices in the linked file. Even if you do not book a double page, please be assured that your advert in the first edition of the complete relaunched ITATUBE Journal will achieve a lot of general attention.

If you are interested in advertising in the first edition of the ITATUBE Journal we need your printable advertising material by May 7th latest.

It is planned to present the first edition of our re-launched ITATUBE Journal at the Annual General Meeting of the International Tube Association on 22 May.

Time is running …

Yours faithfully,
Peter Byroslawsky
Executive Secretary
International Tube Association