Changing times for ITA

Dear Sir and Madam

Within the last 12 months our association (ITA) has seen many changes. Today we would like to inform you that Intras Ltd decided to sever all relations with ITA in a meeting we had with them last month.

As a consequence Intras Ltd will not send out any more Tube & Pipe Technology (TPT) or Tube Products International (TPI) journals to our members and will not create / print the ITA Newsletter ITAN and send it to our 9,500 worldwide contacts.

Due to this development the ITA will establish a new ITA News Journal replacing TPT or TPI in due course. This new journal will be under full ITA control and will also contain sections in Russian, Chinese and other languages. We intend to publish 4 journals per year.

The new journal will contain information from the tube industry, more technical articles and general commercial market information for our tube industry.

In addition we are currently working on a complete relaunch and redesign of the ITA website. This new ITA website will provide you with a variety of more columns and features including social media. The relaunch will be finalised around the middle of this year.

We will keep you informed about further developments and ask for your support for the challenges ahead.

We are continuously striving to provide our members with a stable service and, at the same time, to prepare the ground for new developments in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Byroslawsky
Executive Secretary
International Tube Association