Tube China exhibition goes from strength to strength

opening ceremony

The Tube China 2012 exhibition, held from 25-28 September, was the fifth edition of this very popular event that was inaugurated in 2004 and every one of which has been supported by the International Tube Association, as industry partners. This support from the ITA was again fully vindicated with an exhibition that continues to grow every two years.

A number of ITA board members attended the event as exhibitors with some others representing the Association on the ITA stand. As seems to be the custom with such events in China the vast majority of visitors attended on the first two days of the show. The ITA’s experience was highly satisfactory with a good number of new member applications and membership renewals.

Apart from local visitors a fair number of overseas attendees were noted, particularly from India, Pakistan and Iran. The ITA’s vice president (Europe) Albert Sedlmaier exhibited with his company data M Sheet Metal GmbH and described the event as “the best ever, with a lot of new contacts and I have exhibited here at every event since the first”. Albert’s very positive impression that Tube China was now established as “the best satellite tube show” was echoed by other overseas exhibitors. One interesting demographic noted by the ITA chairman Tsutomu Nakata was a decrease in the number of equipment manufacturers exhibiting but an increase in the number of pipe and tube manufacturers showcasing their companies.

Despite an apparent proliferation of tube exhibitions in China, which tend to come and go, Tube China remains THE key event for the region and will continue to receive the full and exclusive support of the ITA.

registration hall

Organiser’s statistics for Tube China 2012

wire & Tube China 2012 combined - 1,396 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, including:
- 903 exhibitors at wire China and 493 exhibitors at Tube China
- 1,076 exhibitors from mainland China and 320 overseas exhibitors

  Local International Total Int’l Ratio
wire China 657 246 903 27.24%
Tube China 419 74 493 15.01%
Total 1,076 320 1396 22.92%


Exhibitors’ Comprehensive Comments on Tube China 2012

Total visits: 40,343
Trade visitors: 33,469 trade visitors from 85 countries and regions, including 3,902 trade visitors from overseas, representing 11.66% of total visitor numbers.

The industries represented by trade visitors

Trade visitors’ comprehensive comments on Tube China 2012