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World Steel Tube Production – Review (H1 2023)

A comparison of growth in the first half of 2022 and 2023 shows global growth of 12.1%. While the USA and the CIS (GUS) states are leading the way, Europe can only grow by 1.8% and thus brings up the rear in terms of global steel production in both comparison periods. However, the growth rates in the individual sectors are also remarkable here. The EU recorded growth of 100% in welded tubes > 406, while Japan stagnated in this area and the CIS (GUS) states even produced 45.2% less. China's enormous growth figures have now been put into perspective. With overall growth in steel production of 11.5%, a recovery appears to be taking place there too. Growth is being recorded worldwide in all of the areas mentioned.

Total in Tto.

Seamless tubes in Tto.

Welded tubes <406 in Tto.

Welded tubes >406 in Tto.

Welded tubes in Tto.