ITAtube Journal – Rates



The text of your article should be submitted in Microsoft Word only.
Please note: Please do not send your text as a PDF-File!
Please do not embed/place graphics into the file as the quality of the graphics will be seriously affected. Instead, all graphics must be sent as separate files in one of the formatsdescribed below.


Graphics should be saved as JPEG, TIFF or EPS format. Each graphic must be submitted in a separate file. All graphics must be at least 300dpi resolution, to ensure that they appear sharp in print, and at least 150 mm wide. Colour or black and white photographs are acceptable, provided they are good quality. In all cases, please keep documents as simple as possible, and avoid special formats. If you wish to use compression or self-expanding archive programs to reduce file sizes please contact us first to discuss which programs can be used.


Captions should be provided for all illustrations and tables, and where relevant, illustrations/tables should be numbered and mentioned by this number in the text.

Submitting your article

Articles can be supplied by email to our address.
If your material is larger than 15 MB, please inform us in advance.

Contact details

Contact details for the author(s) including address, telephone/fax number and email address must be provided.